Friday, February 24, 2012

Junior Classical League

Florida has always been a powerhouse state for the Junior Classical League and the Tallahassee region is one of its strongest areas. Classical Conversations had the honor this year of joining the ranks. Classical Conversations is a homeschool community centered on equipping children for the future through a classical approach to education.

Just this year, Classical Conversations set up its own chapter of the Junior Classical League, the first homeschool chapter in Florida. This was the year that we were using to prepare for the different events and opportunities offered through the JCL. Just this past weekend, eight brave pioneers from our small club set out to the Regional Latin Forum held at Leon High School. There were many tests and competitions furnished to try our Latin aptitude. Being our first year, we kept our challenges to a minimum. Most of us took only the written tests, a few competed in the Olympics. Out in the hall, we stood around joking about failing the tests, pondering strange or difficult questions, mentally preparing for the next event. After a morning of having our brains wrung out, we trudged to our respective cars, relieved that it was over, not expecting much from the results. Much to our surprise, the placings favored us far more than expected. The JCL chapter president, Christopher Barnard, placed Second in Derivatives II, Caleb Stephens placed Second in Derivatives I and fourth in Mythology, and Hannah Stephens placed second in Vocabulary I. We even had Cameron Philley place fourth in the Friscus throw.

We are all very proud of each of our members and are incredibly encouraged by the results. We look forward to our preparation for next year and upcoming Latin Club events.

Molly Wilson, Junior Classical League Vice-President

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