Monday, May 21, 2012

Classical Conversations Challenge A

From Debbie...

My three youngest children are old enough to be in a Classical Conversations (CC) Challenge A class. Challenge A is the first level in the more rigorous course work of the Challenge level of CC - usually around ages 12-15 or so. Unfortunately, the Tallahassee program is popular and the class filled up very quickly and had a waiting list. Challenge A is absolutely my favorite level of the CC offerings because the students are learning time management and personal responsibility for their own education along with writing (IEW) and speaking, literature, beginning latin, math, geography (they learn to draw the entire world with countries, capitals, and prominent features in each country), Christian logic, and science (a cross between Charlotte Mason nature studies/ sketching - and higher research skills).  The courses are designed to be a full year's course work, nothing needs to be added. Much emphasis is placed on presentation, giving the student the (mandatory) opportunity to share their work in class.

Not easily daunted, I applied to be hired as a Challenge A tutor for a 2nd class in Tallahasse and I can't wait for my own children to be in my class! I have completed the training and am ready to start in the fall. We are allowed to have 13 in the class so it looks like we'll have about 5-6 openings.

I am having an informational meeting at my house this Friday at 10am.  You are welcome to bring your children to swim if you can trust them to be in the pool without you (and I just happen to have several trained life guards in my family :) They can also come and just hang out while we talk - or you can come alone, and concentrate! :)
I will have many of the books we'll be using, some catalogs to pass out, and some samples of student work. I'll also be able to answer specific questions about classical methods and how this Challenge A level bridges the gap between parent-directed learning to a more self-directed level. (My children need this So Badly and I am more than ready for it! :)

If you think your child might need the accountability and encouragement of a tutor along with the chance to discuss their ideas and work with other motivated students - feel free to come and find out about Classical Conversations Challenge A program. We start in late August and will meet on Tuesdays from 8:15-3:00 at Four Oaks. We will meet there with the other CC classes (5 other middle and high school classes, plus a slew of elementary classes). Parents are not required to attend the weekly class with their student, but are welcome if they'd like to come.  Also, VERY IMPORTANT, unlike many options available today for homeschoolers, Classical Conversations places much emphasis on the parent remaining the primary teacher. More about that at the meeting!

You can also find out information at their website
(No offense to the catalog authors but I don't think you get a real feel for the program from the catalog. Feel free to email me with any questions.)

Hope to see some of you here Friday. Please let me know if you're coming.

Debbie Pittman (mom of 11, homeschooling for 30 long years, and apparently ...writer of infomercials! :)

P.S. If Friday is not a good day for you please let me know and we'll try to work out something else.

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