Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Free Classical Education Practicum

Homeschooling is a challenge. We want to help you and your family meet the challenge, ad maiorem Dei gloriam, ("to the greater glory of God!")! 

Join us for an exciting three day practicum in Tallahassee, full of practical advice and personal encouragement as we rise to the challenge together!  Best of all, it is FREE for adults.  Did you know that the word practicum comes from the Latin practicus, which means one who practices or takes action?  Do not miss out on this rich time of thinking and learning together.


Morning speakers will present practical tools for giving  your children a classical education at home. See the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric stages of learning in action as we discover the relationship between Latin and history -the whole history of the human endeavor. Latin is the key, and we will show you what treasure it unlocks! We will have rich discussions about timeless ideas.

Afternoon facilitators will discuss meeting the challenge of homeschooling through highschool and topics such as Latin, language, testing, and credits.


Economically-priced daycamps are available for students of all ages.

While you are learning, your students will be too! Your students are sure to enjoy the group learning environment, whether they are being cared for in our nursery; playing and singing in our play camps; memorizing and drawing God's world in our geo-drawing camps; or learning about language, writing, science, logic, debate, or public speaking in our academic camps for older students. (Advance registration for student camps is required. Registration is limited.)

Get equipped for the challenge! You will find the resources you need to educate  

classically from the Classical Conversations on-site bookstore.

 *Practicum provided by Classical Conversations of Tallahassee.  Open to all families and children!

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