Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FREE Classical Education Practicum

Sorry for the delay in getting this out, but the organizers didn't realize the deadline was this THURSDAY (6/14) and also that there was still room for children in the camps that go on while the moms learn and grow and be with friends and Buy Books! (Can you tell my favorite part?)  The best part is that it is FREE. (Not the books, sorry.)

I am speaking at this event, along with other wonderful moms, and we'll be sending the full schedule out soon, but for now - please read Belinda's email and take note of the link to register, plus the info about the camps for the kids. There is a charge for the kid's camps, but it's way, way, way less than a babysitter - plus they're getting educated :)  My own older children are helping with recreation and assisting in the camps.

I went to one of these free practicums in Destin last month and learned so much. One of the things they taught is in the morning, big group sessions was how to translate a latin sentence. It was so much fun watching the moms 'get it' - they were hooping and hollering - and experiencing what their children feel like when they're attempting to learn something brand, spankin' new.

The practicum is sponsored by Classical Conversations but it is very relevant to every homeschooler and most of the information given is fairly generic. For instance, my sessions will be on teaching character to children, building character in teens and young adults, and Finding Time To Do It. There are also sessions on homeschooling through high school, teaching with babies and toddlers in the audience (hecklers?!), weaving worldview into your studies, and subject-specific workshops, plus more.

Read Belinda's email below for all the specifics. You may register at the door, but we're trying to make sure we're sent enough materials/free books (read below) for every attendant.

Hope to see many of you there :)

Hi everyone,

I know that many of you, like me, missed going to the FPEA convention this year, and I wanted to let you know about a fantastic FREE opportunity we have coming up at First Baptist Church of Tallahassee on June 28-30.  We are having a three-day seminar with workshops covering topics like "How to change diapers and teach multiplication tables at the same time," and "College Success After Homeschooling."  I am especially excited about a speaker coming from Destin to speak concerning "Building a Christian Worldview that will Stand the Test."  We will have seminars that appeal to those with older or younger children.  Some of our sessions will be done as a group, and some will be "breakout" sessions, where you choose which ones to attend. 

Now, in case you are thinking, "Has Belinda forgotten that I have kids that have to be SOMEWHERE?"  The answer is, "No."  I even have a great place for them to be--in our three day camps.  We are offering a Public Speaking Camp for 9-12 year-olds, which will be led by Carla Wilson using the Beginning Public Speaking book by ICC (formerly Communicators for Christ).  Your children will have a terrific time and learn a bit about public speaking in the process.   For the 6-9 yo crowd, we are offering a GeoDrawing class, which is so much fun that your children will LOVE it even if they care nothing about geography or drawing.   For 3-5 year olds, we have "play camp," which is just about having a great time and letting you soak up some adult time.  For the 0-2 year-olds, nursery will be provided.   For all three days, 9-4 each day, the camps are $35 TOTAL ($11.67 PER DAY!!).  The nursery is $39 (all the way up to $13 per day).  As you can see, these classes are priced to allow everyone to participate, not to make money. 

If you have friends who are just thinking about homeschooling, this is a perfect, low-key event to which to invite them.  We will be discussing the Biblical basis for homeschooling, as well as other breakouts like "Cleaning Toilets Builds Character" and "It Doesn't Matter if You're Bigger than I am, I am still the Boss."  We will also have discussion sessions about choosing between math programs, spelling programs, etc.   If you have specific questions/topics you'd like to see addressed, email me immediately, and I will try to make sure one of our speakers covers them, if at all possible.  Obviously, we can't meet everyone's needs, but I can promise you will be blessed--even if it's just by getting to talk to other like-minded parents.   If you have (or are about to have) middle/high students, it will be worth your time just to hear Carla Wilson's talk on "Navigating the Credit/Test/Scholarship Maze."  Since this is such a long email, I probably need to remind you that all of this information is FREE. 

The seminar is being sponsored by Classical Conversations, but they have gone to great lengths to let people know that it is not a CC commercial or anything like that.  In fact, most of our levels are already full, so we would be wasting all of our time doing this if we were just trying to get more people.  This event is about encouraging all Christian homeschooling parents and reassuring them that they can teach their children at home.   We have so few events like this in Tallahassee that I hope you will all take this opportunity to come together, learn, and encourage each other in Christ.  

While the seminar is FREE, we do ask that you register online.  Classical Conversations sends us packets of materials (including a FREE book) for each person registered by THIS THURSDAY!!! (6/14)   If you register and then can't make it, nothing will happen to you, and there is no cap on the number of adults we can have.  The kids' camps, however, can fill up, so I can't guarantee there will still be space if you decide to wait and register at the door, though we would try to fit in all the kids the space/worker limitations will allow.   Also, if you register late or at the door, we may not have enough free books to assure that you get one.  Therefore, if you are even considering this, AND YOU SHOULD, register here by Thursday:  https://www.classicalconversations.com/3-day-practicums/icalrepeatdetail/2012/06/28/12255/27/tallahassee-fl-3-day-practicum

Remember that you may send questions you would like to see addressed at the seminar to me at tbch@tds.net.  You may email me at the same address if you have any questions about the seminar.   You will receive emails with more information after you register.  Please register by Thursday--a free book is a free book, after all.

In His love,


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